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Welcome to the Online Resources page at Rachel Luxon Pilates. There is good evidence to suggest that the more regularly you practice Pilates, the more benefit you will feel.  Joseph Pilates himself recommended that you do Pilates at least four times a week.  With this in mind, this page is designed to supplement your Pilates classes by giving you access to my Pilates teaching online so that you can continue your practice at home.

Alternatively, if you cannot fit in a regular live or online Pilates class with me, you can subscribe to the video library, classes for you to watch at home at any time on any device!   Online Access to the videos is via monthly subscription.

Videos are set up in groups for the different levels and categories.  Once you have entered the password a video appears.  If you click on the top left drop down menu you can select which video you would like to do in that level.

Please be aware that once you have access to the videos you will be able to view all the different levels.  Please work at a level which is appropriate to your body and Pilates experience.  If you are unsure which level of class you should be doing or whether the class is suitable for you, please contact me.  I am more than happy to discuss what is suitable for you to be doing at home.

Before participating in an online class or video, it is essential that you refer to the Terms and Conditions on the Booking Page of the website.  By using these online resources, you agree to these terms and conditions.


£38 monthly
£10 monthly for regular clients

Please contact me via email to subscribe.


Focusing on the basic elements of Pilates. These classes are suitable for the newcomer to the Pilates method and those who would like to revisit the basics or fancy a gentler class. Some flexion may not be suitable for those with Osteoporosis.


Focusing on the basic elements of Pilates. These classes are suitable for those with a little basic knowledge of the Pilates method. Some flexion may not be suitable for those with Osteoporosis.


For those who are more experienced with their Pilates practice and would like a bit more of a challenge. These classes usually include quite a lot of flexion so may not be suitable for those with lower back issues or Osteoporosis.


These classes focus on correct movement and applying that movement to daily life. They are suitable for most levels of client including those with osteoporosis.


These classes focus on specific Pilates exercise or types of movement. Examples of workshop included may cover spotlighting a classic matwork exercise, looking in detail at movement in a certain position, for example four-point kneeling, or concentrating on specific body areas such as feet or shoulders.


Specific workouts for those wanting to improve their bone health. These classes are suitable for those with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia. They focus on building up bone mineral density, strengthening and improving posture.


If you’re short on time and would like a shorter all round Pilates session, these classes are for you. Different levels of classes included.

Adding Equipment – Rollers, Balls etc.

Adding equipment can in some cases increase the difficulty of exercises and in others, offer support to decrease the difficulty. With these classes you can challenge your stability and balance, increase core stability and joint range of movement.  Different levels of classes included.  Some classes may not be suitable for those with Osteoporosis or for those who suffer motion sickness.

Classic Mat Work

Exploring the Classic Mat Work exercises as taught by Joseph Pilates in his original mat work series. Not suitable for those with Osteoporosis or low back issues.

HIPP – High Intensity Power Pilates

A more dynamic form of Pilates which “combines the precision and focus of a traditional Pilates session with the dynamic energy of a high intensity workout”.
Lisa Bradshaw – creator of HIPP

Suitable for more advanced levels. Not suitable for those with low blood pressure or knee issues. Also not suitable for those with Osteoporosis or low back issues.


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