I have been practicing Pilates for the past 21 years and have been teaching as a Body Control Pilates Instructor for the past eight years.  I am passionate about Pilates and healthy movement patterns and the positive, sometimes life changing effects it can have.

Following an illness in 2007 which left me with ongoing health issues, I realised that healthy movement would become an integral and essential part of my recovery.  The  Body Control Pilates method gave me a framework in which I was able to better understand my own body, to listen to what it needed and to challenge myself in a holistic way.

I am really interested in how Pilates can help with functional movement.  By promoting body awareness, increased range of movement, flexibility and mobility, I see the  wonderfully positive influence it can have on peoples lives.  It can help with pain or movement issues, improve sporting techniques or just help people to feel more freedom of movement in their daily lives.  I am always astounded as to how much there is to know and learn and how incredible the human body is!

About Rcahel Luxon

Before teaching Pilates, I pursued a successful career as an opera singer performing with companies and orchestras throughout the UK and abroad.  Practicing Pilates has enhanced my performing and I strongly believe that through combining the movement, breathing techniques and the body awareness of Pilates, we can free our voices as singers, improve our postural awareness and freedom of movement needed for performing on stage and public speaking.  For musicians in general, it can be essential for helping with alignment and posture and warding off any injury incurred by the repetitive movements of playing an instrument.

Being a competitive show jumper in my youth, horses are still one of my passions to this day. Pilates is a wonderful way to enhance the balance and harmony needed between horse and rider for a successful relationship. By working to correct our own asymmetries and improving our body awareness, we can deliver clearer and more subtle cues to the horse.  My passion in wanting to help riders work in balance with their horse led me to further my Body Control Pilates training to include specialized training for Equestrians.

About Rcahel Luxon

As a Body Control Pilates Instructor, I uphold the integrity of the Pilates Method and continuously continue my training to offer specialised teaching for all types of people of different ages, physical abilities or sporting goals through my sessions. It is my passion to help people to move freely, without pain and to gain knowledge and expertise in the function of their own movement to enhance their daily lives or sporting career



I am a member of and registered to teach Body Control Pilates:

Level 3 Matwork

Intermediate Matwork


Bone Health and Osteoporosis



Pre and Post Natal

Pilates with the foam roller

Pilates for Equestrians

Voice Gym

HIPP - High Intensity Power Pilates


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